Taos Bentley Super 8 Film Festival

Hey Everybody!

The 6th Annual 2010 Bentley Film Festival Season has begun!

Call for Entries is underway from right this minute to August 15th. Time to start cracking and getting your film production underway, have some fun and tap your creative keg of ideas.
At this time, we are tentativley setting a screening date in mid to late Sept..  Our Wrap and Awards Party will again be held at Pizano's.

A quick synopsis of  the Taos Bentley Film Festival:  Basically it is a classic "straight 8" film festival, one of many around the world.The concept is simply that film makers get one roll of film and a Super 8 camera and shoot a 3-minute film, with in camera editing only. They turn in the roll of film to us, and a soundtrack they think will work, (some do live audio at the screening), we get the film developed and hold a big screening for the film makers and audience to view together for the first time.  It is always a great community event, creative, fun and often hilarious.

Entry Fees are $40.00. That includes a camera for a week, a roll of film, developing and processing.


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The Taos Bentley Super 8mm Film Festival's mission is to provide an opportunity for anyone in our community to creatively express themselves via the format of a three minute super 8mm film.  This low tech visual medium which combines the simplicity of no sound with un-edited film allows the amateur-to-the-advanced film-maker the ability to creatively produce short films to share for the community.

Act 1:

Starting in the summer of 2005 Brandon James distributed his Super 8mm camera to a handful of people. Along with a roll of black and white or color film, he had each person be an "artist" for one week as they shot their 3 min. film.

Without the ability to edit, or capture sound, the idea was to see what you could do with the classic Super 8mm camera..most holding it for the first time.

Act 2:

After turning in the exposed film for developing, the groups of artist, friends and family gathered at the "Backyard Showing" to view their films for the first time. Artists were asked to bring along music or an instrument to accompany their film. Soundtracks included poetry and a flamenco guitar. The evening proved to be inspiring, hilarious and very creative event.

Act 3:

We found the artist in us all as well as a Taos's grassroots film festival.

Where we are now:
We seek to expand this event to include more artists, filmmakers and local talent.  Please see links above to sign up for registration, look at film clips or to donate.

Donate your Super 8mm Camera!